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> more specific, I still have one precedent case:
> "I sent out a survey 2 weeks ago and received 381 responses, 256 for
> return-this and 125 for return something else (undefined, the new length or
> size, the value)."
> A survey not proposed here, a survey proposed as result after already made
> decision.

There is an important part of that quote that you (intentionally?) omitted
and I don't appreciate it.

> "I like surveying actual developer-users like this, despite the
committee's aversion to "design-by-survey"."

TC39 and es-discuss shouldn't make decisions based on a survey. I used the
survey as a tool to **help me** decide whether or not the API enhancement
was worth pursuing. Feel free to review the results yourself...

> If this is never the case I'd like to to think there won't be other
> exceptions but ... you know, maybe there are other surveys we don't know.

Check your facts. The survey was not discussed in the meeting:

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