thoughts on ES6+ direction + modules

David Bruant bruant.d at
Mon Feb 11 02:20:05 PST 2013

Le 11/02/2013 00:53, Andrea Giammarchi a écrit :
> We have transpilers for everything else, we need few better things 
> today and FirefoxOS knows it, as example ... I'd love to see 
> discussions about all Mozilla proposals for FirefoxOS and not always 
> some tedious syntax for classes discussion, you know what I mean.
I actually don't know what you mean :-s
Unless I'm mistaken, extensions for Firefox OS are more hardware related 
APIs (vibration, radio, battery, connectivity, alarm, proximity...) than 
anything else. There are a couple of exceptions like WebActivities, but 
I don't think es-discuss is the right place to talk about any of that.

Other groups at the W3C talk about FirefoxOS addition like 
public-device-apis and public-sysapps.

My understanding is that this mailing-list is about discussions on 
evolving the language, so that'll be tedious syntax discussions (it's 
tedious largely because of legacy reasons, not because people love 
talking about syntax I think) and new low-level construct (WeakMap, 
proxies, symbols...).

Which FirefoxOS would you want to talk about?


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