thoughts on ES6+ direction + modules

Andrea Giammarchi andrea.giammarchi at
Sun Feb 10 15:53:04 PST 2013

Apologies if I am bothering here but, you know, where else put these topics
under your attention? :)

So, one is about trying to do not loose focus on what's already out there
and how is used

For A Better JS Future

   1. do not break what has been widely adopted already, unless that's
   really bad in terms of security
   2. try to stick with the already available and standardized syntax,
   allowing partial or full polyfills because of graceful *OS, Environment,
   Browsers, Engines, whatever!*migration
   3. involve as many developers as possible, rather than provide *already
   decided internal decisions based in already decided internal pools* nobody
   ever heard about out there (public pools or it didn't happen)

ES5 and 5.1 are the best thing happened to JS in the last 10 years ... I
really hope that good part will be in too. We have transpilers for
everything else, we need few better things today and FirefoxOS knows it, as
example ... I'd love to see discussions about all Mozilla proposals for
FirefoxOS and not always some tedious syntax for classes discussion, you
know what I mean.

ie where are structs and typed objects ? this is awesome, not the @@symbol
nobody misses for real ... same is for WeakMaps, are these final? And how
about dropping the __proto__ shenanigans and use Object.setPrototypeOf()
since the get version we have already?


The other one is about playing with ES3 JavaScript syntax in order to
simulate what has been discussed about import from and modules (so, there
is a summary first, and a library after)

I'd appreciate thoughts on these topics, specially on the first topic.

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