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Sun Feb 10 04:21:22 PST 2013

FWIW, there continue to be strong misgivings about the pythonesqe design we
have now, but Mozilla insists on the back of their shipping implementation.
Many feel that exceptions for control-flow are a missdesign, myself
included, but at this point the ship us nearly past the lighthouse on its
way to sea and the effort involved in recalling it not worth the pain.

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> > Changing from hasMore/getNext to current/moveNext does not eliminate two
> methods that can get out of sync. You can imagine one is a property, not a
> method, but the general case is a getter or C#-style Current method.
> Ah, the fact that it could be a getter does reduce it to the original
> two-out-of-sync-methods case, right. Thanks!
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