Private symbols auto-unwrapping proxies (was: Security Demands Simplicity (was: Private Slots))

Tom Van Cutsem at
Mon Feb 4 11:30:48 PST 2013

2013/1/28 Tom Van Cutsem < at>

> I just wrote up a strawman on the wiki to summarize the recent debates
> about the interaction between proxies and private symbols:
> The page actually lists two proposals, out of which I prefer the second
> one.

I just updated the above wiki page with a brief summary of follow-up
discussions on-list and off-list.

There are pros and cons either way. We'll have to make compromises.
There's also the third alternative: stick with the current
design (whitelist to trap known private symbols + unknownPrivateSymbol trap
to implement a forwarding policy for unknown private symbols).

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