'function *' is not mandatory

François REMY francois.remy.dev at outlook.com
Sat Aug 31 22:46:26 PDT 2013

> > I've come to learn the TC39 committee members
> > usually have good ideas even if they seem bad initially.
> > I hope this is the case again this time...
> That is nice to hear, and quite a track record to live up to. 
> On behalf of all TC39 if I may, thanks.

Well, I don't think I deserve such thanks just for stating my thrust in this group, but I can get how it must feel good to hear in the sea of complaints that you're probably used to receive ;-) It's the same story for any group, for what it's worth. People easily notice what's wrong, and consider all the goodness as granted. That's how humans are made, and how we progresses and avoids regression.

> However, I cannot honestly leave you to expect this to
> happen again in this case. I think we've stated the case
> for "function*" as clearly as we're going to. 
> It is a tradeoff.

My gut tells me we're running out of such tradeoffs in JS at speed of light recently. There must be another way. And if such way exists, we shall find it. 

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