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On Aug 31, 2013, at 8:12 AM, Kalinni Gorzkis wrote:

> Right now, please ask Ecma International to give me a Creative Commons free-culture license (without NonCommercial nor NoDerivatives) so that I can distribute the document to others with the same license.

You need to contact ( )  the Ecma Secretary General general and request permission to use Ecma copyrighted material in you document.  They are reasonable people and I haven't heard of any situations where they have responded negatively to reasonable requests. 

However, you will have to do a better job of explaining what your document is and why it needs to incorporate Ecma materials.   So far, on this thread you haven't described what you are doing sufficiently to know whether or not you have a reasonable request.

It's starting off on the wrong foot to assume that Ecma is a money grubby organization that is using copyright to enrich themselves (do you know that if you ask, Ecma will send you, for no charge, a printed and bound copy of any Ecma standard).  Ecma's primary concerns is the integrity of its standard.  It doesn't want individuals making changes and then distributing those documents , as if, they were the actual approved standards. 

Be nice, and they'll work with you.


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