Request license change

Brendan Eich brendan at
Fri Aug 30 16:22:28 PDT 2013

Musical Notation wrote:
> However, I think that the restriction comes from the greed of Ecma 
> International. If this is the case, protest them and tell them we need 
> a freely licensed ECMAScript specification!

I don't think the issue is "greed" -- Ecma doesn't make big bucks off 
spec licensing or sale of derived works -- or any bucks (or Swiss 
Francs), as far as I know.

Rather, and we see this in W3C too, standards bodies are living in the 
past when it comes to worrying about forks, or let's say, worrying about 
branded leadership of authoritative primary specification source.

A sufficient IPR protocol and patent license, plus good leadership and a 
decent brand (which is built up by good leadership and not much else, 
but which can be degraded by many things), combine to make forks a 
non-issue in the happy, modern open source code culture.

Are standards bodies just slow to learn this, or do they have either or 
both of poor leadership and not-great brand rep? Far be it from me to say!

Allen has been through licensing discussions with Ecma and may be able 
to suggest a way forward.


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