Should the "length" property of bound functions be configurable

Claude Pache claude.pache at
Fri Aug 30 05:35:15 PDT 2013

The `uncurryThis` metafunction, given as example in [1], needs to correct the length of a function produced by `bind`. Simplified version:

	uncurryThis =  f => // uncurryThis(f).length == 1 instead of f.length + 1

So, yes, `bind` should produce functions with mutable length.



Le 30 août 2013 à 12:54, Brandon Benvie <bbenvie at> a écrit :

> The latest spec revision makes the function "length" property configurable (section Function.prototype.bind ( still produces functions with non-configurable "length", however. I think this may be an oversight, but I'm not sure.
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