GeneratorFunctionPrototype should probably be a function

Andy Wingo wingo at
Wed Aug 14 03:51:22 PDT 2013


Thanks Allen and André for replying; I admit that I haven't payed much
attention to the new classy parts of ES6.

On Tue 13 Aug 2013 19:44, Allen Wirfs-Brock <allen at> writes:

> instanceof is essentially broken when applied to most non-built-in
> prototype objects because they usually just aren't defined to proper
> operate as instances of the associated constructor.

Why is there a "constructor" link, then, from GeneratorObjectPrototype
to GeneratorFunctionPrototype, if the latter isn't a constructor?  Or is
it, somehow?

BTW, I find that the lack of clear names in the spec makes thinking and
communication difficult.  If you can, I would call them
"GeneratorFunction", "GeneratorFunctionPrototype", and
"GeneratorObjectPrototype", in LTR order in the section 15.19.3 diagram.
They don't have to be bound on the global object, but having well-known
names in the spec makes it easier to talk about them.


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