Domenic Denicola domenic at
Thu Aug 8 07:47:23 PDT 2013

Right, +1 to both of Forbes's points.

I think the essential equivalence I want to get across is between microtasks ("`window.asap`") and synchronous loops. If there is a better solution than the slow-script dialog for such scenarios, great! Maybe we can use it in future APIs like `window.asap`, and leave the slow-script dialog as something that happens with synchronous loops because of legacy. 

But if we haven't come up with some better idea to deal with lots of synchronous script execution, I see no reason to prevent microtasks from being exposed, any more than we prevent synchronous looping primitives from being exposed. They are literally the same thing, after all, except that one takes place during the main stage of the event loop and one takes place at the end stage.

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