is [[Prototype]] of global object intentionally unspecified?

Alan Schmitt alan.schmitt at
Tue Aug 6 08:26:58 PDT 2013

(Sorry for the latency, but I only get internet access by tethering

bruant.d at writes:

> Le 05/08/2013 17:08, Brendan Eich a écrit :
>> Michael Ficarra wrote:
>>> specified that the global object's prototype chain must include 
>>> Object.prototype. I am sure there's plenty of code that depends on that.
> Concern shared.
>> Yes, that's required.
> Would it make sense to leave ECMAScript spec intact (global's 
> [[Prototype]] is implementation-dependent), but have WebIDL put 
> requirements on the prototype chain?
> That would allow non-web contexts to have null as [[Prototype]]; and 
> some people seem to want to do that [1].

We don't advocate for any specific case, and we could easily change our
implementation to use something other than null for the prototype of the
global object. This case came up while looking at the tests we fail, and
we simply wanted to clear it up.



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