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Fri Aug 2 15:30:25 PDT 2013

On Sat, 3 Aug 2013, David Bruant wrote:
> IIRC the only valid reason to set document.domain is pre-postMessage
> cross-eTLD+1-frame communication.
> How big is the intersection of websites both needing to support IE6/7 and
> cross-eTLD+1-frame communcation?

There's a trillion or more pages that predate postMessage(). If even 
0.0001% of pages need to do cross-domain communication, that's still more 
than a milion pages. Most pages on the Web are no longer maintained, so 
there's nobody who can do the work of updating them to use postMessage(). 

If there's a browser vendor who's willing to drop document.domain support 
and can show that they don't break sites in doing so, I'd be the first one 
to champion the effort to convince the other vendors to follow suit.

But as Brendan says, let's not waste time on things that won't fly.

(I think eventually it'll be possible. "Longer", in this case, might be a 
decade or more.)

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