Promises Consensus with /A+ terminology

David Bruant bruant.d at
Fri Aug 2 13:58:39 PDT 2013

Le 01/08/2013 20:27, Mark S. Miller a écrit :
> whatever DOM does quickly becomes a compat constraint on all future 
> decisions
(was the comma omitted on purpose? ;-) )
This also means that if there is a delta between the agreement and the 
implementation, we'll have yet another de facto standard. There are two 
ways in which this can happen:
* misunderstanding of intent
* misexpression of (even perfectly-)understood intent.

> 1) What should tc39 do quickly, to unblock the DOM's need for promises 
> and avoid a design fork?
I apologize for being annoyingly insistent with this, but: tests.
An unwanted de facto standard is a de facto design fork.

I believe that to a large extent, the risk of both misunderstanding of 
intent and misexpression understood intent would be largely reduced by a 
test suite.

The people who (will) implement this feature aren't necessarily the ones 
involved in this, sometimes very subtle, discussion. I believe fewer 
information would be lost if the latters formalized their agreement in 
tests for the formers to implement against.



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