Module naming and declarations

Kevin Smith zenparsing at
Mon Apr 29 03:40:24 PDT 2013

> The URLs you're proposing here just *are* logical names, and they
> aren't in most cases being dereferenced to produce resources, which is
> the core point of URLs on the web. They're just inconvenient logical
> names.
No.  In my hypothetical scenario they are simply URLs which when
dereferenced produce the required source code.  They are "cannonical", in a
sense, and can be remapped to other URLs, but they are URLs, nonetheless.

You have not demonstrated that a URL-based semantics would not work.  Only
that "Sam doesn't like it".  But I thought that was one of the original
design goals of the module loaders API:  to allow users to apply whatever
arbitrary URL resolution semantics they like.

More  to follow...

{ Kevin }
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