ES6 __proto__ test suite

David Bruant bruant.d at
Tue Apr 23 10:34:28 PDT 2013


Based on recent messages on es-discuss, I feel that both es-discuss and 
apparently even TC39 meetings with notes have left ambiguity in what 
people understood the TC39 agreement was. I believe this ambiguity is 
due to this pretty bad communication format called the English language 
(For anyone in doubt, French is as bad; I'm afraid it's a property 
inherent to natural languages :-) ).

This is wasting everyone time and energy. This generate frustration 
additional to the already existing frustration caused by standardizing 
__proto__ at all.
So I would like to encourage TC39 to discuss around and create consensus 
around a test suite. Most people write code snippets anyway in emails. 
Let's just gather them and make sure everyone agree on the test suite.
As a materialization of this encouragement, I have started a __proto__ 
test suite [1] that attempts to capture the current consensus and recent 

A couple of things:
* It is CC0 licenced to allow ECMA to pull these tests, copy them, adapt 
them without any issue.
* It is built with qunit [2]. I would have loved to use the ES5 test 
harness tool, but its API is unfortunately completly undocumented. I 
believe qunit is clear and unambiguous enough to make a better job at 
capturing the current consensus and list places where there is no 
consensus. (I hope Github will play a role in that too :-) )
* To prevent (!) code reuse and enable cross-realm testing, I've 
embedded tests as inline <script>
* I'll try to keep up with consensus and feedback, but I'm just one 
person. Feel free to send pull requests. Why not move the discussion to 
these pull requests if appropriate.
* Feel free to fork and lead the project your own way if you think the 
way I do it is stupid. I won't get offended. My only goal here is for 
the __proto__ discussion to get more structure than it currently has.
* For some tests, I have lost track of what's agreed on and even what 
are all the alternatives, so I've left a TODO.
* I haven't run the tests in current browsers yet besides to check that 
I didn't have syntax errors :-)

I encourage everyone who cares to review the current tests and send 

Can someone explain or write tests regarding what's supposed to happen 
for JSON, please?




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