First crack at a Streams proposal

Isaac Schlueter i at
Mon Apr 22 19:18:00 PDT 2013

> That request is nearly always followed with an (explicit or implied)
> "And if it can be, why should we do it? Leave it to libraries!"
> statement.  If you did not intend this, then I apologize.

Well, actually, I think that we *should* do it with libraries for a
bit, because I have come to believe from repeated experience that this
is the only reliable way to evaluate patterns, and that forcing
acceptance of a specification in advance of trials leads to a lot of
error.  Again, qv promises, map/set, etc.  That's how it's done
because it works.

> You need Object.observe to do reactive values as an event stream.  You
> can do event streams (turning DOM Events into a stream) with today's
> JS.

Are you proposing reactive values as an event stream?  It seemed like
your proposal was mostly pretty simple interfaces.

> Apologies for the mismatch in expectations.  I recognize that
> reference implementations are more *customary* when proposing things
> in JS that don't depend on new primitives.  Instead, I provided a spec
> that sketched out appropriate details (and can be filled in further as
> necessary).  For the purpose of discussion of the idea, the two should
> be roughly equivalent.

I disagree.  They're not equivalent at all.  Not even roughly, not
even close.  One can be tested, reviewed, and subjected to experiments
in the real world.  The other is imaginary.

> Again, I'm aware that JS proposals often come with a reference
> implementation, or at least a sketch of one.  That's not strictly
> necessary to review and talk about a proposal, however.

To do so responsibly, I believe that it is.

> If you think
> that you are unable to even discuss the proposal without such a
> reference implementation, then I'm sorry that we will have to lose
> your voice until I have the time and engery to provide such.

Actually, I strongly doubt *anyone* is able to adequately discuss the
pros and cons of a proposal like this without an implementation.

I don't have anything else to contribute until there is a reference
implementation.  I'm not super motivated to write it myself, but I'd
be happy to test it out, or consult about any sticky issues you run
into, etc.

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