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Mon Apr 22 07:24:59 PDT 2013

> Andreas Rossberg wrote:
>> Just to be clear, what I suggested was having a single global
>> convention for the name of the 'anonymous' export in every module, say
>> ,"it". No need to know the "internals" of anything. Your Node example,
> You are imposing a tax on everyone using modules and anonymous export, today a large base of users (modules are predominately anonymous export by counting NPM modules).

Is there a way to be explicit about what the tax actually is? Andreas’ convention looks like this:

     export let it = someValue;
     import it as foo from "foo";

If you replace "it" with "default", you *almost* get David Herman’s proposal, which looks like this:

     export default someValue;
     import default foo from "foo";

The advantage of the latter is that you get a static check for syntactic correctness, right? I don’t see any other advantage (but that may be enough of an advantage).


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