Modules: Curly Free

Brendan Eich brendan at
Mon Apr 22 06:56:17 PDT 2013

Andreas Rossberg wrote:
> Just to be clear, what I suggested was having a single global
> convention for the name of the 'anonymous' export in every module, say
> ,"it". No need to know the "internals" of anything. Your Node example,

You are imposing a tax on everyone using modules and anonymous export, 
today a large base of users (modules are predominately anonymous export 
by counting NPM modules).

You may be used to "it" conventions in ML, but we're talking about JS 
here. It's not ML and the communities using modules have already voted, 
and they will vote with their feet (run away from ES6) if it comes to it.

Finally, I don't think the burden weighting is right in your messages, 
but I'm still not clear. We could argue forever about whether, in your 
opinion, there's a use-case that's important enough for you to sink some 
spec and implementation complexity.

But at this point I believe the use-case is clear: no "it" convention 
should be needed, because it has not been needed with NPM and AMD. So 
we're back to arguing about whether to "take one for the team."


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