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Sun Apr 21 09:58:47 PDT 2013

Sorry, let me say a bit more.

You identified the entry-point idea. Good so far.

But then you went too far and made that entry-point, which with 
anonymous export is often (but not always) a function, with the body of 
the module, its top-level code.

A module is not a function. It is not generatjve when nested. The 
current proposal doesn't support nesting, but earlier versions did, and 
that was critical to the second-class nature of modules when declared.

Mark Miller tried to get generative (callable) modules working here: 
But Mark just wrote last week: "However, I don't actually have a 
coherent end-to-end proposal for making this 
doesn't work), and it is clear that I could not agreement on one at the 
present time even if I had one."

Anonymous export is distinct from callable modules. Some uses of 
anonymous export make the entry-point an object other than a function.


Brendan Eich wrote:
> No.
> /be
> Claus Reinke wrote:
>>> Anonymous export is simply about allowing library authors to 
>>> indicate a module's main entry point. Semantically, we're talking 
>>> about the difference between a string and a symbol; syntactically, 
>>> we're talking about one production. It's all cleanly layered on top 
>>> of the rest of the system. Let's keep some perspective.
>> If you put it like this ("entry point"), it recalls another issue, 
>> namely
>> that of scripts-vs-modules (executable code vs declaration container).
>> Would it be possible to combine the two issues, with a common
>> solution?
>> Something like: modules are importable and callable, importing a 
>> module gives access to its (named) declarations but doesn't run any 
>> (non-declaration) code, calling a module gives access to a single 
>> anonymous export (the return value) while also running any 
>> non-declaration code in the module.
>> Claus
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