ES6,ES7,ES8 and beyond. A Proposed Roadmap.

Bjoern Hoehrmann derhoermi at
Sun Apr 21 06:12:32 PDT 2013

* Andrea Giammarchi wrote:
>not sure I understand those examples, but the moment a developer starts
>yelding everything, is the moment all non-blovking asynchronous advantages
>are gone 'cause you are waiting instead of keep doing the rest, isn't it?

A simple example would be an application running in a web browser. You
may want to draw three images on a canvas, but the images have to be
downloaded first, and while they are downloading, you still want to re-
spond to user input. With only a single thread of execution, you have
to yield control to the browser while awaiting the images to do so. In
other words, you may not be able to keep doing the rest, but rather
want to do all the other things meanwhile.
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