More flexibility in the ECMAScript part? (was: Re: Futures

Kevin Smith zenparsing at
Thu Apr 18 08:35:44 PDT 2013

> I still think the best solution to this is for the developer tools to
> curate a list of unhandled rejections. Just like `window.onerror` and the
> developer console work together to display unhandled exceptions, unhandled
> rejections could be treated very similarly. They would appear in the
> console while unhandled, then disappear when/if handled. (And there could
> be programmatic hooks too, just like window.onerror, e.g.
> `window.onunhandledrejection`/`window.onrejectionhandled`.)

That could certainly work for browsers, but what about node and its console?

Also, can someone point me to a real-world example of delayed rejection

{ Kevin }
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