Stricter "use strict"

Francisco Ferreira francisco.m.s.ferreira at
Tue Apr 16 01:28:09 PDT 2013


Are there plans for a stricter "use strict"? I think everyone can agree
that having "use strict" is already a big improvement compared with not
having it. But can't it be improved?

Stuff that pops my mind that "use strict" doesn't cover and that could be
useful is:
"use stricter";
 - Enforces the use of ';' at the end of a line of code
 - Either force the usage of '===' instead of '==' or make '==' more type
 - Makes map[undefined] break or throw a warning


p.s.: I've been following es-discuss for a month or two, this is the first
time posting here so I hope I'm not covering something massively discussed
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