Brendan Eich brendan at
Sat Apr 13 11:14:12 PDT 2013

Anne van Kesteren wrote:
>> If we want a useful "API idiomacy review" process, this process has to start
>> >  at a time it's still possible to change the API. One solution is for all
>> >  vendors to submit an API to the W3C (or at least public-script-coord)
>> >  *before*  shipping it. I'm doubtful this will ever happen, but I'd be happy
>> >  to read if major browsers representative said here that they're committed to
>> >  never ship before the API has been reviewed for idiomacy.
> I'm certainly pushing for this at Mozilla. My impression thus far
> (I've only been here a couple of months) is that we have lacked
> resources for that with Firefox OS and were under severe time
> constraints.

Anney: we *did* submit drafts for all APIs needed for Firefox OS. See 
the lists compiled at (2012, based on 
work starting in fall 2011 well before anything "shipped")

(2013, and we still haven't "shipped" yet note well)

Were you unaware of this, or did you have in mind other APIs we shipped 
that didn't have drafts in progress? There may have been a few around 
telephony, this was the proximate cause of the SysApps WG being 
chartered, but on the up side these APIs really are only for the dialer 
or a few other "system apps", and neither needed nor wanted by other apps.


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