Coordination (was: ES6 Modules)

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at
Fri Apr 12 08:48:41 PDT 2013

>> The "DOM side" should all be subscribed to es-discuss and read it on a
>> regular basis. Additionally, our f2f meeting notes are a great way for them
>> to keep up to date, as well as providing a good jump off for questions and
>> concerns.
> Given the number of people working on platform APIs that "should"
> seems ever less likely to become a reality. We need a different
> strategy.

Parts of "the DOM side" have weekly summaries, eg

Having such weeklies for all relevant spec groups, including TC39,
with specific feeds (not just part of general news feeds) and then a 
feed aggregator on top (only for the various weeklies), might help 
giving interested parties an idea of when to dive in where. It might
also establish a lower barrier on what "everyone" might be expected 
to follow? almost fits into that gap, but twitter
isn't quite the right format, and suitable editing & labeling are
needed to guide readers to the right firehose at the right time.


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