Feedback on the Relationship strawman

David Bruant bruant.d at
Wed Apr 10 15:15:09 PDT 2013


Feedback based on

Curiosity question: What do "geti" and "seti" refer to? (the 'i' 

Is it necessary for r to be able to be a string or a symbol? It looks 
superflous, but maybe there is a good reason.

In the [[GetRelationship]] algorithm, if r.[[Get]](@geti) is undefined, 
then return x.[[Get]](r) but what is this supposed to do if r is an object?
x[r] would coerce r to a String before passing it to [[Get]], but here 
the object is passed directly without coercion. I feel this question is 
answered step 5.I of interaction with proxies which talks about 
I wonder if implicit stringification is necessary. I'm afraid most of 
the time, it'll mean "[Object object]" will be passed as key and result 
in an unexpected behavior (collision of keys, etc.)
I would be in favor to either do nothing or throw when 
r.[[Get]](@geti)/r.[[Get]](@seti) is undefined. In any case, devtools 
can show a warning saying that r didn't have a @geti or @seti property 
if necessary.

That the private "fields" make a relationship only to a value and don't 
follow the property descriptor path is a good feature. The idea of using 
Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor on private symbols has a bad taste to it.

It's not written in the strawman explicitly, but if this proposal is in, 
all the whitelist/unknownPrivateSymbol trap mess is going away. Probably 
for the best :-)

It's taking me some time to understand the Map/WeakMap behavior. Sharing 
my understanding step by step:
     var o = {};
     var wm = new WeakMap();
     wm.set(o, 12);

WeakMap.prototype.set === WeakMap.prototype[@seti]
So wm.set(o, 12); is equivalent to "o at wm = 12"
And "o at wm" is equivalent to "wm.get(o, 12)", unless o isn't a key in 
which case o.[[Prototype]] is attempted. I don't understand the need to 
climb the prototype chain of the key.
Hmm... It's true that in "o.azerty", 'azerty' is looked up on o, then 
its prototype, then its prototype, etc.

Nits: no need to declare 'this' as argument of 
[[(Weak)MapGetInherited]]. Also, maybe you want to use the ES6 included 
[[GetPrototype]] instead of [[Prototype]] (I'm not sure about this one).

Are there default @geti/@seti for Object.prototype?


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