Module Execution Order

Kevin Smith zenparsing at
Wed Apr 10 12:14:42 PDT 2013

> The meeting minutes contain some rather comprehensive notes on
> variants of this discussion.
> See
> for an example.

Ah - I didn't understand that passage when I read through it before.
 Thanks for the reminder.

> The most important use case not served by lexical modules is defining
> a module with a single name that multiple external modules can
> reference it with.  That's the use case discussed in the above meeting
> notes.

I still don't understand, I'm afraid.  Every external module has a URI.
 References to the same URI get the same module instance.  The loader can
define policies for URI mappings (like mapping a jquery URL to a zepto URL,
for example).  What am I missing?

As Kris Kowal once quipped to me a long time ago: "The only sane global
name space is URL's."

{ Kevin }
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