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> >>
> >> I'm not sure what prior critique you're referring to.
> >
> >
> > Quite a while ago, I pointed out that concatenation would be difficult
> with
> > nested modules, but I was operating under the assumption of interleaved
> > execution:
> I think this transformation demonstrates why I prefer our current
> approach more than nested modules.  See my fork at

The correct translation using nested modules (with the proper topological
execution order semantics), would be more like this:

I don't particularly want to have this discussion yet another time,

I don't remember having this discussion on es-discuss.  Not that it's a
requirement or anything...

> but (a) lexical modules as in our original design did not serve all
> the required use cases

Given that bundling is possible with nested modules, I'm not sure what
other use cases `module "name"` is serving.  I'll look back through the use
case presentation, though.

{ Kevin }
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