Module Execution Order

Kevin Smith zenparsing at
Wed Apr 10 08:01:50 PDT 2013

> I'm not sure what prior critique you're referring to.

Quite a while ago, I pointed out that concatenation would be difficult with
nested modules, but I was operating under the assumption of interleaved

> Also, we no longer plan to include nested modules in ES6.

Yeah, I don't like that.  : )  I tend to agree with Andreas that modules
should have a lexical face.

> Also^2, concatenation should simply require literally concatenating the
> modules, with
> `module "NAME" { ... }` wrappers with appropriate names based on the
> file system (in the common case where development occurs in multiple
> node-style files).

But with nested modules (and topological execution order), a tool can
easily create the bundle.  In fact, I think it would be more effective for
a tool to perform that bundling transformation than to do it by hand.

Is there any context or information that would be lost when transforming a
`module "name"` module into a (hypothetical) nested module?  I can't really
think of any at the moment...

{ Kevin }
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