Time zone offsets for any time zone, possible change to Date functionality (i18n)

Domenic Denicola domenic at domenicdenicola.com
Tue Apr 9 12:48:13 PDT 2013

From: Nebojša Ćirić [cira at google.com]

> That's correct. We may need reverse too - for given UTC epoch milliseconds (or minutes after UTC Date) tell me what the date components would be in a given timezone.

Hmm, so:

var date = new Date(utcMilliseconds);

var monthInNewYork = date.getMonth("America/New_York");
var monthInParis = date.getMonth("Europe/Paris");

? And I guess then `date.getUTCMonth()` is just an alias for `date.getMonth("Etc./UTC")`. Seems good!!

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