how to submit a proposal for ECMAScript 7?

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Hi Ohad,

Le 05/04/2013 12:00, Assulin, Ohad a écrit :
> Quick question, I would love to submit a feature proposal for 
> ECMAScript 7 (Function Annotation)
> What is the exact process?
People usually just write their proposal in a post to es-discuss or as a 
gist [1] in markdown format and post the link to es-discuss. But use 
whatever is most convenient to you as long as it's easy to read for 
everyone. Some proposals start in the wiki [2], but only members of TC39 
have write access to it.
As far as a "formal" process up to the spec, the proposal will be 
discussed by TC39 at one or several meetings (one every 2 months) and 
formal decisions of acceptance are decided there. In the vast majority 
of cases, a lot of discussion happens before these meetings on 
es-discuss (and after based on the meeting notes).

> Is there any template I can use?
I don't think so. You can read pages on the wiki (accepted proposals 
[3]) to see how they are usually structured, but I think it's more a 
As far as content is concerned, I recommend explaining use cases, 
explaining how the feature is a significant improvement, explore related 
work. For function annotations, I imagine some folks have already done 
such work with custom comment grammar and it'd be nice to see what 
people came up with, hopefully what error they made so the built-in 
feature doesn't reproduce the same errors, etc.

Hope that helps,


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