parallel map and dot product

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>From a language point of view, I see the relation to array is pretty important but what about the approach in something like 

underscore.js:  _.sum(  ......)   
compared to:   Parallel.sum(

Where_ is some kind of object proving  map and friends
Then you could pass around special versions of map etc, like a version specially good for small parallel arrays, one for latency devices (cpus) , one for throughput devices (gpu)  or a version with extra debugging 

Is that far from the spirit of  JavaScript?

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Hudson, Rick wrote:
> In this case it is the same as with a normal array.
> function dotProduct(v1, v2) {
> return (e, i) {return e*v2[i];}).reduce(function (a, 
> b) {return a+b;});
> }

So much nicer with ES6 arrow functions (now in SpiderMonkey):

function dotProduct(v1, v2) {
     return, i) => e * v2[i]).reduce((a, b) => a + b);


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