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Thanks for this :-)

"The /name/ property is initialized with the best value given static 
=> I think all the rules should be explicitly laid out (i think that's 
what you did in the subsections after this sentence) to avoid 
implementation-specific interpretations of this sentence. Some previous 
work [1] could be considered as finding "the best value given static 
Also, "given static semantics" is a fluctuating definition since the 
result can change when new syntax is added.



Le 04/04/2013 01:35, Brandon Benvie a écrit :
> I've added a wiki page with the function name proposal that was agreed 
> upon [1]. It expands in more detail the original proposal and provides 
> examples for most ways a function can be named.
> One issue is statics were introduced after the proposal was written. 
> Right now I simply have them take the name and not "static " but I 
> could also see "static func" to match how accessors are named.
> [1]
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