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Tue Apr 2 15:03:48 PDT 2013

Le 02/04/2013 04:24, Kenneth Russell a écrit :
> Agreed. DataView's methods are all simple and should be easy to
> optimize. Because they include a conditional byte swap, they can't run
> quite as fast as the typed arrays' accessors -- but they shouldn't
> need to. DataView was designed to support file and network I/O, where
> throughput is limited by the disk or network connection. The typed
> array views were designed for in-memory assembly of data to be
> submitted to the graphics card, sound card, etc., and must run as fast
> as possible.
When you are streaming things, what's the correct use of DataViews?

ie : you are supposed to create each time you want to read some bytes a 
DataView (which can be optimized or whatever, but still with some costs)?

Maybe it's outside of the scope of this discussion, I have already 
provided examples, I still suspect that I am using it wrongly or that 
ArrayBuffers are more adapted to webgl (ie static buffer manipulation) 
than network streaming (ie dynamic buffer manipulation).

Probably I am wrong but really would like to know then what's the 
correct use.


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