Sept 19 TC39 Meeting Notes

Andreas Rossberg rossberg at
Sat Sep 29 01:06:13 PDT 2012

On 28 September 2012 18:28, Tom Van Cutsem < at> wrote:
> I agree that proxying a symbol is of little value, but I didn't say that
> symbols are closer to strings than to objects. I think symbols are closer to
> objects: they have an unforgeable identity. Strings don't have that, objects
> do.

I don't follow how generative creation is synonym to "identity", nor
how identity implies being an object. Should we make everything an
object just because we can? For symbols in particular I completely
fail to see a good reason for doing so (now that we are able to drop
the "public" name property). It will just induce extra cost for
dubious semantic value -- or actually, semantic cost, as the issue of
proxying them indicates.


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