repeated parameter names and default values

Brendan Eich brendan at
Fri Sep 28 09:16:31 PDT 2012

Allen Wirfs-Brock wrote:
> I generally use "static" to mean: solely based upon analysis of the program text without any dependencies upon runtime state. That's my criteria for classifying something as part of the language's static semantics" (which includes early errors).

Ok so far.

> All ES errors (including early errors ) end up being reported at runtime.

No, here you redefine "runtime" from any useful definition. Of course 
stages nest or recur fractally but in the browser, if a script loads and 
the first evaluation in it runs, you've reached "runtime". And ES5 is 
quite clear that early errors -- including in nested functions, 
*including in strict function*, must stop the whole script from reaching 

>    It's only a matter of how much, if any, execution is permitted before such errors are reported.

You're still dodging the "use strict"; ES5 precedent point.


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