repeated parameter names and default values

Andreas Rossberg rossberg at
Fri Sep 28 07:24:22 PDT 2012

On 28 September 2012 03:30, Bill Frantz <frantz at> wrote:
> (BTW -
> I know of no completely specified languages, or other computer system
> components for that matter, but the closer the specification comes to being
> complete, the better).

Off-topic, but I can't resist pointing out here that (Standard) ML is
a fairly sophisticated general purpose language that not only has had
a complete, formal specification for 2 decades [1], it even has a
fully machine-verified proof of correctness and type safety [2]. I
also know of at least 3 research projects working on a mechanised
formalisation of JavaScript. That is to say that thoroughly specifying
and formalising languages is no longer rocket science (while
mechanising them admittedly is).

That said, the ES spec, while ugly as an aye-aye, is relatively
thorough (and Allen is  working on making it better).



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