Quasi literal function call syntax

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Sun Sep 23 14:51:57 PDT 2012

Ahmn, yeah - missed the mails in between, to be precise:

Sounds great.

Just an idea to extend your idea a little bit, combining with mine:

What if `whatever ${test} foo` would just construct an object of Template?
The Template object prototype could look lile this:

// In ES harmony syntax :)
Template.prototype = {

    toString() {...},
    getParts() {...},
    getValues() {...},

etc. pp.

This would normally lead to an implicit string conversion (toString())
where it's needed e.g. if you do something like that:

    whatever.innerHTML = `foo {$bar}`;

And you can use the full power of Templates when calling a function in
standard way: safehtml(`foo ${bar}`) where the first argument would be an
object representing the Template prototype + Template value initialized by
the constructor.

Or you could construct a Template like this: new Template('foo ${bar}'); or
Template('foo ${bar}')

This way Template's would be straight forward to use and can be implemented
without any additional grammar magic.
It would also lead to a late/delayed binding / rendering of the template -
if toString() is called, not when the Template object is created which may
be useful for performance too.

What do you think?

Thanks and regards,
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