Generator issue: exceptions while initializing arguments

Brendan Eich brendan at
Fri Sep 14 19:29:55 PDT 2012

Jason Orendorff wrote:
> I think Allen is proposing a scheme where in code like
>      function f(a1=EXPR1, a2=EXPR2, a3=EXPR3) { ... }
>      f();
> first EXPR1 is evaluated in a scope including only a1,
> then EXPR2 is evaluated in a scope that contains a1 and a2,
> then EXPR3 is evaluated in a scope that contains a1, a2, and a3,
> then a new environment is created for the function body, its vars and
> local functions.

Actually Allen was just reminding me of a TC39 meeting's agreement to 
bind formals from the left, as if by let* (from Scheme) -- and a1 would 
not be bound in EXPR1's scope, so any a1 used in EXPR1 would be from an 
outer scope, etc.

This is without precedent in JS.

Since Kevin was really getting at where the implicit yield goes in

   function* f(a1 = E1, ~~~ aN = EN) {

where ~~~ is meta-ellipsis, and he agreed the activation scope for all 
parameter default expressions is simpler (and thanks to both of you for 
clarifying and separating issues here), we're left with the implicit 
yield placement issue.

I wonder whether we can't shed light on this issue by looking at the 
thinnest basis case of a generator with an observable default parameter:

   let n = 0;
   function *gen(a = ++n) {}
   for (let x of gen()) {}
   assert(n === 1);

Does this help?


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