Annex A of 5th Edition

Brendan Eich brendan at
Thu Sep 6 16:41:12 PDT 2012

Joseph Spencer wrote:
> My apologies on that one.  I meant to type the following:
> PostfixExpression:
>     LeftHandSideExpression [no LineTerminator here] ++
>     LeftHandSideExpression [no LineTerminator here] --
> PrefixExpression:
>     ++ [no LineTerminator here] LeftHandSideExpression
>     -- [no LineTerminator here] LeftHandSideExpression
> It appears to me that as currently written the following is considered 
> valid sytax:
> ++++someVar;

Yes, that is goofy. It dates back to ES1 -- if memory serves (and it may 
not at this late date), my original Netscape 2 "Mocha" JS engine did not 
parse this.

However, I think it may fall out of a desire by Microsoft back in the 
ES1 days to support the goofy ability of "host objects" to return 
References (ECMA-262 spec term).

> I hadn't thought about es3 compatability though, so I could see the 
> reasoning in keeping it as is.

Yeah, engine implementors have no good incentive to tweak here, and some 
legitimate fear of a breaking change that would only lose market share.


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