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Wed Sep 5 14:46:20 PDT 2012

Well, the draft standard specifies the ISO 4217 currency and funds code list as the source for the default digits, so using a different value is non-conformant, and tests are there to uncover such issues.

Has the CLDR/ICU team ever tried to get this corrected at the source, i.e., contacted the ISO 4217 Maintenance Agency or the Bank of Uganda?

This case looks similar to the Japanese yen, which in theory is subdivided into 100 sen, but in reality isn't. In that case, ISO 4217 specifies 0 digits for the minor unit.


On Sep 5, 2012, at 11:41 , Nebojša Ćirić wrote:

> The test intl402/ch11/11.1/11.1.1_20_c.js fails for UGX currency, expecting 2 but getting 0. Here we have data discrepancy between CLDR and ISO tables. I expect some other currencies would fail too, but this is the first one to trigger the exception. 
> CLDR - http://unicode.org/repos/cldr/trunk/common/supplemental/supplementalData.xml
> ISO -  http://www.currency-iso.org/dl_iso_table_a1.xml
> We should sanity-check the differences for the future but for testing we should keep only to the currencies that match for now.
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