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> Debugging tools lag other tools in part because test-cases or
> use-models are hard not readily available.

But the only debugging tools we really have are proprietary low-level APIs
(eg, V8 debug stuff), and some existing debug ui frameworks (eg, Web
Inspector).  The barrier is so, so high for this stuff.  Compared to a
number of other environments where the barrier is not so high.  Eg, in C,
if you're debugging memory issues, switching to using a debug malloc
library isn't a huge barrier.

It would be nice to lower the barrier, expose some "debug" stuff in JS.
 Implying that I want "debug APIs" available in JS, and I want to write my
debug helpers in JS.

V8's --expose-debug-as (or whatever) trick is a step in the right
direction.  It would be nice to have some commonality here, so I don't have
to write one set of debug helpers for V8, another for JSC, another for
*Monkey, etc.

> The js-tools group would be ideal for more discussions of these
> issues: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!forum/js-tools

Ah, nice.  I'll stop pestering here, and start pestering there.  :-)

Patrick Mueller
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