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> 2012/10/20 Axel Rauschmayer <axel at>
>> Currently, proxies make no distinction between a property read access and
>> a method invocation. In my experience, it would be nice if that distinction
>> would be there – if only that one didn’t have to curry for method
>> invocations which must be a performance issue and is a fairly common use
>> case (remotely invoking web services etc.). Now, there are reasons against
>> this and I’m mainly wondering if actually using the new API has changed
>> your or Tom’s mind.
> I agree there are use cases for distinguishing method invocations from
> property accesses (remote method calls are one of them -- you'd want to
> distinguish between doing an HTTP GET vs POST). But the new API hasn't
> changed the balance for or against an "invoke" trap. Recall that one of the
> reasons was that an "invoke" trap would lead to invoke-only methods, which
> goes against functional programming patterns in Javascript (e.g. people
> expect to work)

I'm not sure I understand the benefit of making it easy to develop APIs
where is not roughly equivalent to (x = Am I
misunderstanding something?

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