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It wouldn’t fix the main problem with __proto__: using a property to express meta-data. In a way, __proto__ might even be better than, say, @proto, because it will be the only property with double underscore, highlighting the specialness of that property.

On Twitter, @marcoos correctly commented that changing the name of [[Prototype]] (including prototypal inheritance, prototype chain, etc.) is too drastic an overhaul. Finding a better name for Constr.prototype seems easier.


On Oct 22, 2012, at 22:51 , Russell Leggett <russell.leggett at> wrote:

> By the way, let deprecate (that is, recommend not to use) __proto__ and introduce @parent (or other term) instead, while both having the same behaviour.
> I'm not sure what to call it, but I think this would be much nicer than __proto__ and consistent with the new way of doing things. Here are some ideas:
> @proto
> @extends
> @parent
> @prototype
> @prototypeOf
> @prototypeOf seems a little silly as a property name, but it would work well with getPrototypeOf()
> - Russ

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