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Thanks to all for the feedback. I incorporated as much as I could into the presentation, and I think got all the accuracy issues straightened out, pending potential misunderstandings of Rick's points. I posted both the unabridged version and the EmpireJS 30-minute version at

(or, if the DNS isn't working yet,

Still much to do before I'd consider the full version "done": e.g. incorporate Brendan's template string regexes and weakly-held values examples, convert to HTML instead of PowerPoint/PDF, and so on. But it's a start! Now all I have left to do is actually get up on stage and present, heh.

I'll update the 30-minute slides throughout the day if anyone has remaining corrections or suggestions.

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> On Monday I'll be giving a talk about ES6 at EmpireJS. I just finished up my
> slides, and would love some feedback and critique from the es-discuss crew:
> TzdbQJMwG8IeIzQ_aRUbd6GakGmTcdBxx9Ec5SpKyfdHrDF0lFXr9sGfQJJVswn
> NAw/ES6%20is%20Nigh.pdf
> The slides consist primarily of code examples of almost every new feature, so
> accuracy checks and ES6-idiomaticness-improvements would be very helpful.
> It has way too many slides for 30 minutes, so I'll be cutting large swathes of it
> to focus on those I classify as least-known but most-powerful. Nevertheless,
> feedback on all the slides would be lovely, given that I'll be using the rest of
> them in longer-form talks elsewhere. I also plan on submitting the code
> examples for inclusion in Dave's new wiki, or using them in other educational
> outreach efforts (e.g. blog posts), or even in a mini test suite so we can see
> how Chrome and Firefox's current implementations compare to the specced
> behavior.
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