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Sun Oct 21 14:58:51 PDT 2012

Hi Domenic,

I'm not sure it's that important to talk about weaksets *and* weakmap. One
or the other is enough assuming you've talked about maps and sets
In several slides, I see that you're using the following form:

    var empireJS = {
        preParty(){ // <-- this

What's the strawman related to this form? Is there an implementation of it
in engines?
I watch pretty much every presentation on ES6 that ends up in my Twitter
stream and I don't recall seeing this form in presentations much. I however
think it should be more heavily advertised. It's one way to get shorter
functions that is not controversial :-)

Slide 14, extracting the log function doesn't work in Chrome, but does in
Firefox. It might be safer to show a slide with console.log.bind(console)

For proxies, at the end, I would stick with the target/handler terminology
for the sake of sharing a common terminology.

Otherwise, I like your slides. I really like how you've separated the
different features, especially the "Magic" section :-)


2012/10/21 Domenic Denicola <domenic at>

> (Attempting to send again with fewer URLs to avoid being spam-filtered?
> Apologies if this shows up twice.)
> On Monday I'll be giving a talk about ES6 at EmpireJS. I just finished up
> my slides, and would love some feedback and critique from the es-discuss
> crew:
> The slides consist primarily of code examples of almost every new feature,
> so accuracy checks and ES6-idiomaticness-improvements would be very helpful.
> It has way too many slides for 30 minutes, so I'll be cutting large
> swathes of it to focus on those I classify as least-known but
> most-powerful. Nevertheless, feedback on all the slides would be lovely,
> given that I'll be using the rest of them in longer-form talks elsewhere. I
> also plan on submitting the code examples for inclusion in Dave's new wiki,
> or using them in other educational outreach efforts (e.g. blog posts), or
> even in a mini test suite so we can see how Chrome and Firefox's current
> implementations compare to the specced behavior.
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