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Sun Oct 21 11:16:34 PDT 2012

Domenic Denicola wrote:
> (Attempting to send again with fewer URLs to avoid being spam-filtered? Apologies if this shows up twice.)
> On Monday I'll be giving a talk about ES6 at EmpireJS. I just finished up my slides, and would love some feedback and critique from the es-discuss crew:
> The slides consist primarily of code examples of almost every new feature, so accuracy checks and ES6-idiomaticness-improvements would be very helpful.

Really nice slides! Good work.

Quick notes:

Slide 15 has a comment at the bottom: // error! used a `let` before 
but this error is about the most-indented log call, the one in the block 
whose last child is 'let log = Math.log'. Perhaps you are going to talk 
around it, but it seems to me a comment about an error should go right 
where the error is.

Slide 29 nit: do you want to handle 1st, 2nd, and 3rd properly?

   el.textContent = "The "+ i + ["th", "st", "nd", "rd"][i < 4? i : 0] + 
" <p>";

Slide 31 ends with a question: // what about `module.exports= aFunction`?
Cc'ing dherman.

Slide 33 has a recursive call not in tail position:

functionsumTo(n) {
   return n ===0 ? 0 : n +sumTo(n -1);

You might want to steal from 
by translating Scheme to JS.

Slides 34-35: do you want to show a multiline regexp with insignificant 
whitespace a la Perl's /x regex flag?

Slide 44 is good, a WeakMap beats a Map so you get automatic deletion 
when a given httpResponse dies. Could you show entries whose values 
might be keys (or parts of keys) of other entries? That would show the 

Slide 46 has an iloop: maybe this is ok, or perhaps your next function 
should throw at some point. ;-)

Slide 48: Python mixes "Generator" to mean "the factory function" and 
"the generator-iterator it returns", and you do here. But "Generators 
make iterators" would be more precise in general, and in particular 
based on what this slide shows.

So slide 46 wants to say that @iterator names the iterator factory or 
getter (iterators return themselves). Can talk around this of course.

Looks great, more slides under construction? Need a rousing conclusion ;-).


> It has way too many slides for 30 minutes, so I'll be cutting large swathes of it to focus on those I classify as least-known but most-powerful. Nevertheless, feedback on all the slides would be lovely, given that I'll be using the rest of them in longer-form talks elsewhere. I also plan on submitting the code examples for inclusion in Dave's new wiki, or using them in other educational outreach efforts (e.g. blog posts), or even in a mini test suite so we can see how Chrome and Firefox's current implementations compare to the specced behavior.
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