Modules, Concatenation, and Better Solutions

Kevin Smith khs4473 at
Wed Oct 17 06:46:39 PDT 2012

> Browsers can load from ZIP files, some even supported the .jar variant and
>!**member<!member>notation (not sure what's still working there). But this is again
> multiplying risks. Will developers all ZIP this way, instead of using TE
> (Transfer Encoding) or a different compression format?

I see your point about risks, but FWIW I think they would.  OS's make it
effortless to zip, and zip supports all kinds of extensions...

> I think Claus hit it: don't try to match IIFEs exactly, match internal to
> external module loading via by-need.

How do we tell when an inline module is needed, though?

    module A {
      export var x = "you need me";

    export function f() {

Do we log "you need me" only when f is called for the first time?

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