Modules, Concatenation, and Better Solutions

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at
Wed Oct 17 01:27:45 PDT 2012

>On the one hand, the point of eager execution was to make the execution 
>model simple and consistent with corresponding IIFE code. 

When we switch from scripts to modules, it makes sense to switch
from execute-as-encountered-for-side-effect to resolve-dependencies-
and-extract-exports. The former may use IIFEs to limit the scope of
some side-effects, the latter uses functions and results to avoid 
side-effects (*).

> (a) execute inline modules by need (i.e., on first import) rather than eagerly
> The weird thing about (a) is that code that appears to be straight-line 
> actually executes in somewhat more unpredictable (although deterministic) 
> order. 

Think of a module as a function and import declarations as function 
calls. Only difference is the sharing of evaluation (each module body
is only run once), with caching of results (exports).



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