Modular At-Names

Kevin Smith khs4473 at
Tue Oct 16 06:45:44 PDT 2012

1. The one-class-per-file pattern is near universal.  When there is more
than one class, they tend to be in minor supporting roles (like
exception-type subclasses or simple data structures).

2. Adding private, protected, etc. declarations to classes adds a good deal
of baggage to the syntax that many developers will balk at.  I'm not sure
how to argue this yet, but it just doesn't have the "spirit" of javascript.

3. "Implicit declaration" is the wrong way to think about modular at-names.
 At-names, in this design, are simply *namespaced identifiers*.  Since
modules already define an implicit namespace, it's reasonable and
convenient to hang these special identifiers off of that namespace.

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